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Locker Services

Workwear lockers have been in widespread use for over 30 years in thousands of businesses across the UK.

There are proven significant benefits arising from the use of workwear lockers to the long term effectiveness of a workwear rental service – whether based on the issue of wearer identified garments or a simple pool stock system based on garment size.

Locker Exchange Service


•  Secure storage and restricted access to clean and soiled garments and reducing risk of theft or “borrowing”


•  Garments available to wearers 24/7
•  Suitable compact storage area for clean and soiled garments

Management of service usage

•  Controlled access to garments allows monitoring of compliance with company policy in respect of usage of laundry services  at wearer or department level.

Service Options

There are a range of options available to customer with the most appropriate solution for individual customers often best determined during an initial survey

Fully serviced lockers

A fixed weekly charge is raised per locker bank covering all rental and labour costs associated with service.
Our driver will load clean garments into lockers and remove soiled from garment collectors. In addition, if required our driver will report to a nominated customer  contact to deal with any specific delivery or collection issues

Rental only

Reduced fixed weekly charge with fully serviced option however customer is responsible for the loading and unloading / bagging up of soiled laundry for collection by driver

Direct Purchase

Customer purchases lockers and is responsible for all aspects of use.

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