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Although primarily known as a supplier of Linen and Chefswear to the hospitality market, our workwear business has grown rapidly since 2017. This growth has taken place in all commercial sectors but particularly in the Food Industry. To build on this growth, we have recently completed a major investment programme designed to increase our production capacity to over 1000 garments per hour and to ensure that we are able to comply with the needs of Food Industry businesses that comply with BRC Standards.

Providing work wear for a wide range of market sectors

Workwear Rental

Why choose Faversham as your workwear supplier?

Our products

We have strong working relationships with the major standard and specialist workwear suppliers in the UK and are able to ensure that the garments we supply comply with all relevant regulations applying to a specific customers line of business

Pro-active account management

In order to ensure that our service remains fit for purpose we will carry out  formal service audits at an agreed frequency. During this audit our account managers will carry out a physical stock check, and using the available management information review garment usage by wearers, agreeing necessary actions with our prime contact(s).

Traceability and Reporting

All garments supplied by Faversham Linen are individually bar coded and are tracked from the point of issue until eventual replacement on the completion of the term of service.

In addition to allowing us to deal very quickly with day to day queries the gathering of this data allows the production of useful management reports detailing the issue and ongoing laundering history of rented items.  These reports can be customised to meet the specific needs of individual customers and are readily available on either a regular basis or on request from our service support team..

Fair and transparent contracts

There are no hidden surprises in the small print of our standard terms and in particular our residual value and replacement costs are designed only to give us a reasonable degree of protection to reflect our investment in bespoke garment stocks.

Clear Invoicing

Faversham Linen are one of the few remaining UK laundries that invoice for workwear in arrears rather than up to 2 months in advance. Apart from the cash flow benefits to our customer this simplifies the whole process and minimises queries.

Locker Services

In addition to providing convenient storage and security for garments the use of locker services also allows the monitoring of wearer usage of garments should this be required.

We have a full range of options available from the simple purchase of lockers by the customer to a full servicing by distribution staff and would asses the most appropriate solution following an initial site survey.

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