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Faversham Linen Services
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Hotels & Restaurants

Supplying linen to hotels and restaurants has been our core business for 100 years.

We are proud to work with  many of the regions best known businesses successfully supplying customers as diverse as 5 star luxury hotels to the more humble holiday park and everything in between.

We understand the need to work closely with housekeeping and restaurant managers to ensure that the day to day operation of our services is smooth and problem free as well as to have the flexibility to react quickly when the unexpected happens (as it surely will).

Operating from state of the art plant in Faversham we are able to provide a one stop shop solution to our customers with a range of standard and premium products suitable for use in all areas of a customers operations:

Accommodation Linen and Towelling

Accommodation Linen

Restaurant Linen

Restaurant Linen

Leisure and Spa Towelling

Spa Towels

Kitchen Linen

Kitchen Linen

Some of our Clients


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