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Full Speed Ahead

Date: Mon 6th April 2015

It has now been 10 months since we returned to Faversham and resumed servicing our customers from the brand new factory. After a short bedding in period our production team are now fully familiarised with the  new state of the art processing equipment and our customers are now benefiting from significant improvements in quality and efficiency.

Unfortunately there is still some unfinished business with the factory – our prime contractor went into administration just before completion of the project leaving a number of minor interior and exterior cosmetic issues to be resolved. These do not affect the operation of our business but would be noticed when visiting us – new contractors have now been engaged and we are confident that the factory will soon look as it did in the plans..   

We are delighted to report that we have renewed long term service contracts with all of our major accounts over the past few months and have continued to grow with the acquisition of new customers in both linen and workwear market sectors.

Over the past 10 months we have hosted a large number of visits to our laundry from a wide range of existing and prospective customers as well as our suppliers.

Our machinery supplier – Jensen – are using us as a showcase laundry and are regularly inviting other laundry operators from Europe to view the fully integrated state of the art processing equipment.

All have been impressed both by the factory and processing equipment but also the enthusiasm of our production and service teams. We continue to encourage this and extend an open invitation to both existing and prospective customers to visit us in the future - to arrange this simply contact our service office by phone or via our web site.

Nigel Turner, Director.

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