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Faversham Linen Services
  • International: 01795 532 547
  • Fax: 01795 531 159
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Why Choose Faversham Linen Services?

Based on feedback from our customers – both old and new.....

You can rely on our quality...

Faversham Laundry
  • Over the years, we have always invested in the latest laundry machinery available - specifically designed to improve efficiency whilst achieving the highest possible standards of cleaning and finishing.
  • In addition to our advanced equipment, we only use proven suppliers who operate at high standards.

You can rely on our deliveries.

Laundry Delivery Vans
  • All our vehicles are tracked, and our service support team can contact our drivers when needed.
  • We have always operated with enough linen stock and spare production capacity to prevent delays caused by production issues or short-term fluctuations in demand.
  • However, if a delay is predicted due to production issues, we contact our customers immediately and ensure all possible actions are taken to minimise any disruption.

You can rely on our people

  • The staff at Faversham Laundry are loyal and hardworking; they understand the standards and quality our clients expect
  • We realise how essential it is to our customers that clean laundry is delivered on time
  • We will contact you if there is a problem

We are easy to deal with...

Faversham Linen Staff

  • As a family owned business, we have no remote shareholders to satisfy - any of our staff or customers can quickly get hold of a Company Director or Owner if needed.
  • With easy access to decision makers our sales and service team can offer flexible solutions that reflect the customers’ needs.


And finally - you can trust us...

  • Business integrity is important to us and we believe in fair and transparent service contracts; which include no restrictive terms hidden in the small print.
  • We understand the value of long-term relationships – with many of our customers having been with us for several decades.

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